The Eagles Club is a fun and satisfying way to get involved in your community and improve the life of many facing hardships and those less fornunate.

And its easy to become a member with many benefits included.


Those who Serve........

A free first year membership is offered to all Law Enforcement Officers, Correctional Officers, Firefighters, EMT's, and veterans who have been Honorably Discharged.  You will receive all the benefits awarded to other members including access to family functions, social activities, fundraisers and protection for your children through the F.O.E. Memorial Foundation.


Current membership dues are just $30 per year with a one time initiation cost of $10.  Being an Aerie or Auxiliary member grants you to great discounts on a variety of services.  But most of all, you will be involved in what we call "People Helping People". 

 Interested in changing lives, contact the Club at 651-636-9525.